How will technology impact the work of migraion agencies in the future?

News from the future: forced migration

Skye Doherty
1 min readNov 25, 2023

I’ve been experimenting with speculative news as a way to explore possible futures. Wicked Thinking is an experimental editorial project about some of the world’s big challenges and how we might think about them differently. It’s an occasional digest of ideas, stories and provocations.

The idea is that as trust in institutions erodes and the scale and complexity of challenges increase, we need creative, radical ideas about how to respond. We need some wicked thinking.

I’ve just published the second, themed issue of the newsletter. This one is on forced migration. The stories imagine first-world disaster victims being processed the same way as refugees, technologies that give refugees access to new careers, and mobility becoming a norm across societies.

The collection is one of the outcomes of a two-day futures workshop organised by The University of Queensland WhatIF Lab and the Digital Cultures & Societies Hub in collaboration with the UNHCR Global Data Service.

The UNHCR Scenario Lab aimed to anticipate how, 20 years from now, digital technologies might have transformed the work of the UNHCR and the world in which it operates.

Read the newsletter here: