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Redomaining creates wholly new ideas. Image: Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

In the news media industry technology is often seen both as the driver of innovation and also the solution: social and mobile technologies have disrupted the media business meaning publishers need to innovate by creating new, technology-driven products that meet audience needs. Good design research and design thinking is one way of identifying opportunities and creating products that people want.

One issue with this approach is the asymmetry between media companies and technology companies. The loss of revenue and audiences to social platforms has put media companies in a position where they are no longer drivers of innovation and are…

Energy tales from the future via Instagram

Energy policy is a wicked problem. As governments seek to balance public and private interests while they transition to a low-carbon economy, public debate tends to either centre on one of two themes, either, that:

  • technological innovation will mean we can continue to produce large amounts of energy but in a clear way, or;
  • that we need to use less energy and fundamentally change the way we live.

Journalistic reporting, no matter how objective it may attempt to be, is often quickly politicised.

Through a design project at the University of Queensland a group of interaction design, journalism and creative…

Skye Doherty

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